At McEvan we provide a window cleaning service you can rely on. We use both traditional and Water Fed Pole methods tailored to your needs. We recommend 4 weekly cleans to your house but we can also manage 6 and 8 weekly should you require it.

Why Water Fed Pole? If you have UPVC window frames we recommend only the Water Fed Pole as we can guarantee to keep both the windows and the frames streak and spot free and your frames sparkling white leaving no residue. UPVC can transfer and absorb dirt especially in small crevices when using traditional methods and wiping with cloths. This can be a problem when it rains, as the unbeknown dirt left behind can wash down onto your windows. Therefore using the water fed pole system will result in longer lasting clean windows! GUARANTEED!

Why Traditional Methods (Squeegee)? Traditional Window Cleaning still has its place in the industry and we have just as much experience with it as the Water Fed Pole system. Old wooden framed windows typically show signs of cracking or oxidised paint. This can be problematic when the Water Fed Pole system is used as residue paint may dry milky on the windows or can further damage the paintwork. If your wooden frames are up to date the Water Fed Pole system can actually reduce ageing and paint cracking as you are removing 100% of the dust and dirt. Call us Today and we will provide you with a window cleaner that will use the best methods of cleaning to keep your windows and frames as long lasting as possible.

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